Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an rental application online?

Yes. Please call or email the manager at the property you are interested in and they can either email you a copy or fax you a copy.

What is the rental application process?

Once an application is received, the Manager requests the Credit and Criminal Reports from Resident Data and also calls for Landlord references. After these reports are received and approved, the Manager verifies all Incomes and Assets (and Expenses at HUD and Rural Development properties) and confirms that the household qualifies under the income limits and other standards required for that specific location. The applicants are contacted and a meeting is scheduled to complete the leasing paperwork and provide the keys.

Is your application good for all your properties?

Yes. The application needs to be returned to the property in which you are interested in.

Do you do background checks on everyone that wants to live in a Costello property?

Yes, we run credit and criminal reports on all prospective residents, age 18 and over. We also request landlord references and/or personal references. 

What if I haven't rented anywhere and don't have a landlord reference?

An applicant is not denied because there are no landlord references.

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