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Joan Franken
Owner/Costello Property Management; Managing Director, Costello Companies

Jeff Brooks
Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Scott Michael Dunn
CEO & Owner, Costello Compliance; Director of Policy, Costello Companies

Randy Reese
Owner of BlackWing Elite Builders

Bonnie Mogen
Director of Costello Development & Investments, LLC

Jared Vilhauer

Jim Schaefer
Director of Maintenance

Joan Christopherson
Human Resource Manager

Brad Sundvold
Blackwing Elite Builders Project Manager

Jenny Hanssen
Assistant Controller for Costello Companies

Pam Alexander
Payroll Coordinator

Penny Lasnetski
Senior Compliance Officer

Ashley Bruske
Regional Manager

Deb Even
Regional Manager

Jared Smith
Regional Manager

Kristi Slack Miller
Regional Manager

Linda Kranz
Regional Manager

Lisa Vraspir
Regional Manager

Michele Richter
Regional Manager

Doug Nawrocki
Assistant Regional Manager

Alisa Rott
Accountant for Blackwing Elite Builders

Sandy Giegling
Accounts Payable

Trisha Taylor
Senior Manager for Community Accounting

Brianna Rosemore

Gayle Schartz

Heather Dube

Heather Schreiber

Kara Lilly

Kyle Francis

Pam Hoffard
Accounting Assistant

Susan Yorke
Accounting Assistant

Theresa Luden
Subsidy Process Manager

Tera Mehrer
Senior Trainer & Compliance Officer

Tasha Dahl
Compliance Officer/Trainer

Julie Westhoff

Colleen Lunstra
Building Manager/Assistant to Accounting

Connie Ferrie
Administrative Assistant

Lori Dunn
Special Projects Coordinator

Costello Property Management

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