Pictured at the NCSHA Awards Ceremony: Scott Michael Dunn – of Costello Compliance, Kathleen Millerick, Michael DiChiaro and Lenore Coughlin – of RI Housing receiving NCSHA Award in Boston MA on October 21, 2019

Costello Compliance and RIH Win at NCSHA Annual Conference

Scott Michael Dunn of Costello Compliance, received a national award in Boston for creating comprehensive, innovative policies and procedures and capturing them in an interactive compliance manual for the state of Rhode Island. This manual allows companies and agencies to navigate the complex housing regulations associated with the Tax Credit program, an effective national housing program monitored by the IRS.

“In the housing industry the only certainty we have is that the regulations will change,” says Scott Michael. “As these housing regulations transition, we strive to stay current and make the adjustments easier for our partners in the industry. As we firmly believe that housing matters, we hope that the results of this process meet an important need for the folks in Rhode Island to which the Tax Credit program provides decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing.” Scott Michael Dunn along with his team including Tasha Dahl, Penny Lasnetski, Theresa Luden, Tera Mehrer, Julie Westhoff, Lori Dunn, Teri Rubino, Connie Arledge, Holly Tott and Theodore Schmidt work with state agencies all over the United States to comply with all of the major federal housing programs.

Costello Compliance, based in Sioux Falls, has provided consulting and training in the housing industry for 18 years. Costello Compliance is a consulting firm that leverages our relationships with our sister companies and draws on decades of first-hand experience in housing to provide value-rich products and services. Our knowledge and experience put us in a unique position to provide quality nation-wide consulting and training services with individualized customer service to our clients.