Do you qualify for rental assistance?

The Resident Selection Plan for each community outlines the process used to determine if an applicant meets the criteria for living at that community. The highlights of the Resident Selection Plan outline eight main criteria we look at to see if you qualify to live at a community:

  • Citizenship/Immigration Status Requirements

  • Social Security Number Requirements

  • Occupancy Standards

  • Income Qualification

  • Credit Screening Criteria

  • Criminal Screening Criteria

  • Rental History

  • Student Status

Citizen/Immigration Status

Assisted housing is restricted to U.S. citizens or nationals and non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.

 Social Security Number Requirements

Applicants must disclose and provide documentation of Social Security Numbers (SSN) for all family members at least six years of age and older.

 Occupancy Standards

 Each community has their own occupancy standards. Generally this is what they are:



0 Bedroom




1 Bedroom




2 Bedroom




3 Bedroom




4 Bedroom







 Income Qualification

When you Qualify to live at a property that has rental assistance, you will pay 30% of your monthly income toward rent. There is a limit on the amount of income you can make in order to qualify. These limits are determined by the government by county. Each of our managers has these limits and is very familiar with them and can answer any questions that you have concerning them.

HUD Section 8 and/or with HOME

HUD establishes and publishes income limits annually based on family size for each county in the United States based on the median income of the geographic area. The income limits are as follows:

Very low-income limit

50% of median income

Extremely low-income limit

30% of median income

HUD Section 236, Rents Supplement

Low-income limit

60% of median income


Rural Development

Low-income limit

80% of median income


Tax Credit and/or with RD and/or with HOME

Low-income limit

60% of median income

Very low-income limit

50% of median income

Very, Very low income limit

45% of median income

Extremely low-income limit

40% of median income

Credit and Criminal Screening Criteria

All applicants are screened using our screening company Screening Reports. We have a standard set of pre-determined criteria that your credit and criminal history is compared to in order to determine if you pass. Your information will return a report that shows you passed, further review or denied. If further review is needed you may need to make additional arrangements to mitigate information in your reports.

 Rental History

We consider the rental history you have established, before applying with us, as a critical indicator as to whether you will be a good resident.

 Student Status?

Student status is a complex area with a standard rule that disqualifies students from living at a property and then exceptions to the rule that allow you to qualify. The exceptions are different by funding program (HUD, RD, Tax Credit, HOME).